Best Candles in Manchester

Best Candles in Manchester

Okay okay okay, I might be biased..but I'm fairly certain these are the best candles in Manchester 👀


I've linked my fave scents below and a little bit about why they're my go to!

SUNNY NYX - jasmine, oak and bergamot scented candle

This guyyyyy, omg - he's fresh and bright but is a complicated boy with his base notes of oak and cedar


BLOOMING - sandalwood, jasmine and black pepper scented candle

This soy wax scented candle is a perfectly balanced example of floral but with a little more behind it - she's a little earthy but totally bright and will bring sunshine to the rainy days


MYSA - lavender, vanilla and chamomile scented candle

This cutie came about because I need a chill, zen, calming, sleepy candle for the evening wind down - with lavender, vanilla and chamomile she's all about this chill vibes



Anywaaaaaay, that's my round up on the best candles in Manchester 🩷 let me know what your favourite is!!

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