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Blooming - sandalwood, jasmine and black pepper

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Light up any room with Blooming – a soothing blend of night blooming jasmine, sandalwood, and black pepper! This candle's natural wooden wick and soy wax are sure to create a warm, peaceful atmosphere while captivating your senses with its unique scent.


What’s it called when you humblebrag but without the humility? Because Blooming is here to squeeze your hot little hand and stroll with you into the rich gardens filled with night-blooming jasmine - catapulting you into a Kierkegaardian style aesthetic sensory experience that will have you saying, ‘Thine nostrils hath not experienced such love.’ Exotic musks? He’s got that in spades. Floral fresh top notes? No doubt. Is he lost in an inescapable abyss of his 30s? Sure. But he’s doing so while smelling like a smattering of smooth sandalwood and cracked peppercorn cologne that makes leading men from your favourite Kdramas seem bush league. Not to mention, he’s got more earthy freshness than Harry Styles dancing around London in a red jumpsuit. As it was? As it will always be.

Candle Deets

Our Blooming candle, like all Feu candles, is made with soy wax, uses a wood wick for that gorgeous crackling sound, is hand poured and made in small batches in Manchester.

Our candles have over 40 hours of burn time, and will come in a black 30cl jar with a wood wick. All are hand poured, hand labeled and placed in a custom branded box.


A handwritten note is included in all orders, either a thank you note or you can add a note to your order at checkout with what you would like to be written. This means you can send a Feu package as a gift straight to the receiver.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful candles, lovely smells not over powering I am really pleased with my order

Beautiful scent and top quality

Feu's candles feel like such a treat! The packaging, descriptors, jar and candle with the incredible long lasting scents, I won't buy any other candle now because nothing matches this level of quality ✨