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(pronounced foooooo)

Feu Candles was born when I tried an off the shelf candle making kit for a rainy day activity (I live in the UK, you need  a lot of rainy day activities) and it was the worst (literally, the worst) but I had fun and decided to dive deeper into the candlemaking world and well here we are..

I hand make and develop every scent, candle, wax melt and room spray from my home studio in Manchester. I bring you limited editions throughout the year that have been painstakingly tested over and over (and over) by myself, my pals and my very patient boyfriend.

Say hello to Feu and goodbye to those damn Yankees. No unhinged names here, just unhinged descriptions.

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Fancy a new candle every month? Check out our monthly candle subscription service and receive a new hand poured candle every month - because everyone loves fun post 💌

Each month, you'll be sent a full size (30cl) candle to enjoy - sometimes this will be an exclusive scent and sometimes it will be one of the original gang, so you'll get your hands on your all time faves as well as some newbies!

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