What does Feu mean?

Feu translates to fire in French (subtle right?) and is pronounced 'foo'

Where are you based?

From my home studio aka the spare room in Manchester, UK


What are your candles made of?

Natural soy wax, wood wicks and a range of the highest quality fragrance oils of course


Can I purchase a candle as a gift?

Yes! We offer a hand written note included with every order at no additional cost. If you have not specified the your purchase is a gift or what you would like the note to say, you will get one that simply thanks you for your order and being an absolute gem!


Do you ship internationally?

Yes (to some countries)! There's more rules around shipping candles than you'd think but the UK, Europe and USA are all yours to fill with Feu!

More countries to come, hopefully! If you do have a specific request, please get in touch and I'll do my best to sort it out for you!

All applicable customs fees, taxes and duties are the sole responsibility of the customer. Customs authorities require that we state the full value of the order directly on your package.
We are not help liable for any customs fees in your country, holding times or incorrect shipping information provided.
Please note: all shipping times vary and are an estimate not a guarantee.