Relight & Reuse

Once there's approximately 1-2cm of wax left, you've reached the end of your Feu candle but we'd love for you to be able to reuse parts of it around your home!

Along with the packaging that your candle arrived in, the matte black jar and colourful labels were selected with the hope that these leftover elements of your candle will be something you'll want to keep around and reuse. When your candle is finished and the remaining wax has cooled and set, all you'll need to do is scrape out the excess wax, as well as what is left of the wick.
This can be done with a spoon (use the handle end), then wipe the jar clean ensuring no wax remains. Make sure you give your jar a really good clean!



Now you're ready to reuse your jar - we do not recommend putting anything edible in the jars as there may be residual wax or fragrance.