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I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, ‘Brrr. It’s chilly betwixt these sheets. What can I do to warm the cockles of my cold, cold heart? To coax my senses? To be transported to a sugar wonderland where candy canes and silver lanes are well and truly aglow with impure thoughts about devastatingly attractive walking red flags?’ Think about it as you pull up in your Honda Civic to the driveway of a freshly baked Gingerbread house. Your letterbox tastes of maple syrup and free pizza coupons, as the caramel cookie-shaped doorknob you’re reaching out to open your candy-jubed home with crumbles in your hand. Probably shouldn’t have gone skint on that locksmith, my guy. That’s poor planning on your part. Also, why are you eating the mailbox? Slow down, Hansel & Gretel. At least you can lament your total lack of home security and zero will to not consume inanimate objects in the safe hands of a vanilla and anise-laden existential crisis. The kind that leaves you with the soft remains of sweet sugar inside a spicy little cinnamon cabin with buttercream frosting insulation. Seasonal Affective Christmas Disorder? Never heard of her.

Do you know the muffin man? Baby, it’s cuffing season. We are the muffin man. 


Customer Reviews

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One in a billion

Gingy might be the best thing I’ve ever smelt. I want to rub the wax all over, just so I might smell that delicious. Unfortunately ruined any other candle for me as I don’t think I’ll ever find such a long-lasting, room-filling scent. I can only imagine what the rest smell like! Worth every single penny and Chelsea is the cherry on top of a spectacular cake, I received a candle and a friend.

Stephanie O'Connor
Bought as a Christmas gift

I know they'll love it!

Antonia Collings

I must admit I have a bit of a tendency to go gingerbread scented obsessed at this time of year and Gingy did not disappoint! My order was shipped super speedy and arrived really nicely packaged - I especially loved the little care card with all the fun comments, stood out as very unique and something I'll remember! Gingy smells great and burns really well, will definitely be placing more orders with Feu but Gingy was an excellent first purchase!