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Elysian - sweet orange chilli pepper and lily cotton musk

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Experience the sizzling scent of summer fun with the Elysian candle! Get your nose ready to be tantalized by a sweet orange chilli pepper and lily cotton musk aroma that will really spice up your warm weather. Take a deep breath and let this summer bright scented candle whisk you away!


Inspired by Greek mythology, Elysian means ‘relating to or characteristic of heaven or paradise.’ We were so greedy, we didn’t want to choose, so we infused heaven and paradise into one sweet orange citrus, light cotton musk, green meadow lily fields scent-sation, with the kick of a spicy little chilli pepper playing her little chilli pepper heart out. The Elysian Fields (or Elysian Plain) is the afterlife realm reserved for mythological heroes, a fate bestowed upon them by the Gods. Our afterlife realm is a place where all the members of BTS are. So. The same, really. This candle has a masters degree in divine intervention and will intoxicate you with its otherworldly scent. 

Candle Deets

Our Elysian candle, like all Feu candles, is made with soy wax, uses a wood wick for that gorgeous crackling sound, is hand poured and made in small batches in our Manchester candle shop. 

Our candles have over 40 hours of burn time, and will come in a black 30cl jar with a wood wick. all are hand poured, hand labeled and placed in a matching black kraft tube box. 


A handwritten note is included in all orders, either a thank you note or you can add a note to your order at checkout with what you would like to be written. This means you can send a Feu package as a gift straight to the receiver.

Love Elysian? Try her in her other form, a room spray!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ella Robinson

If there is anything that will spark a memory it’s this scent! This is my 3rd purchase or possibly 4th I’ve lost count! I love it! It’s my summer scent and I can’t get enough of it! Can’t wait to use it to then purchase again! Thank you again for bringing back nostalgia once more!x

Abigail Lawrence

This candle is one of my favourites. It has such a fruity but delicate scent. For me it reminds me of fresh flowers, clean laundry with a heart of fresh orange! Gorgeous in summer and all the time! I have the room spray too!

Ella Robinson
A nostalgic scent

Having first smelt this, it took me straight back to being on holiday, sunning myself in Ibiza and sipping cocktails in Monaco! This brought back so many memories that I only burn it on special occasions, I want it to last forever!
100% will be purchasing again before I run out! Thank You for unlocking memories!