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Fireside Forêt - pine, eucalyptus and cedar

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Add a touch of coziness to your home with the Fireside Forêt Candle! This vibrant forest-scented candle is packed with pine, eucalyptus and cedar, for an aroma that will last a lifetime. Perfect for those chill nights in!


In the depths of the forest is Miss Fireside. She’s refreshing and light, affable, beguiling even. Is she human? Or is she dancer? Why does she live in a forest? Do crabs think lobsters are mermaids? Do dogs think in barks? But wait, she even brought a guitar to play around the smoky embers of the dying fire. But is she going to play Wonderwall? Probably. But are you actually going to enjoy hearing it? You’ve had six beers, so absolutely. You come for the rich smells of eucalyptus, summer geranium, and crisp lemon leaf, but you stay for the red cedar, frankincense, amber, musks, woody lavender, and the godly vibes. C’mon y’know?

Candle Deets

Our Fireside Forêt candle, like all Feu candles, is made with soy wax, uses a wood wick for that gorgeous crackling sound, is hand poured and made in small batches in our Manchester candle shop. 

Our candles have over 40 hours of burn time, and will come in a black 30cl jar with a wood wick. all are hand poured, hand labeled and placed in a matching black kraft tube box. 


A handwritten note is included in all orders, either a thank you note or you can add a note to your order at checkout with what you would like to be written. This means you can send a Feu package as a gift straight to the receiver.

Love Fireside Forêt? Try him in another form, a room spray!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Lovely smelling candle. Would recommend.

Thank you so much Tashana, so glad you love your Fireside Forêt!

Abigail Lawrence
So fresh and complex!

I love this scent. I tried to sample and had to get it! My boyfriend smelt it and loved it so I bought him one too! It's a slightly woody pine like scent with citrus. I would say it is a quite masculine scent but I love that about it. It's rich and fresh!


Fireside Forêt

Heather Morrison
Delicious & green!

My favourite - smells fresh and green but with plenty of earthy undertones. I’ve used in living room, bedroom & hall and love equally everywhere - both refreshing and inviting!