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Christmas Wax Melt Segment Pot

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Scent - Colour

These are super similar to the snap bars, it's down to personal preference, or what fits best into that gift box for your favourite person!

Made of highly scented soy wax, this deli pot is sure to last you many pleasant wax-melting sessions! Snap off a piece and enjoy the divine fragrance that will make you (figuratively!) snap your fingers in approval!

The full bars weigh a minimum of 60g and each section will last you 6-8 hours

Each bar is custom coloured to match the scent and also has mica which is what makes your wax melts appear all swirly and galaxy when it's melted 😱



Fireside Forêt
is green and the scent is pine, eucalyptus and cedar
Biscotti Bisou is red and the scent is vanilla, biscotti, sugar
Gingy is orange and the scent is gingerbread and vanilla
Crimson Cloveille is pink and the scent is cinnamon, clove and orange
Christmas Tree is dark green and the scent is fir, balsam and cedar
Mince Pie is cream and the scent is apple, spice and brandy
Mulled Wine is dark red and the scent is orange, wine and clove

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