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Candle Refills

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Got yourself a few Feu (ha) empty jars laying around? Candle refills are the peeeeerfect option for you!


Just clean out the Feu jar you already have (please please only use a jar previously provided by us) and pop you're refill in, light that wick and you're off to a roaring start.

Candle refills are available in all of your favourite Feu scents, made with soy wax, wood wicks that you know and love for a cheaper price as it's sans jar!

Customer Reviews

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Rachel E
Perfect product

I love Feu candles and the only slight issue I’ve had is the inability to get rid of the jars when the candle is gone. Thankfully, the refills have taken this issue away! I can now just buy refills as I need them and reuse the many, many jars I’ve collected. Perfect!