What's been going on lately?

What's been going on lately?

Hi hi hi, I thought we could have a cheeky little catch up as it's been awhile since I'm popped in here and I need a little bit of a brain dump! How are ya? Keeping well? Loving the heat? Hating the heat? I'm Australian and one of the reasons I love the UK is the not so hot days..so this is a bit much for me 😅 don't get me wrong, I love the sunshine! It's the humid-y heat that I can't get on board with!

Having a candle business in Summer is a bit..ummmmmm......slow? haha which is something I anticipate every year but I'm especially feeling it this year. Down to it being Summer but also people just don't have the disposable income at the minute like they used to. A lot of my product based small biz pals are feeling the same heat (..lol) and we're just doing our best to plod on through!

It goes without saying that support comes in many forms and more often than not it's actually more beneficial to support your small biz faves in a form that isn't monetary. Sharing it on your socials it huge or know someone buying a gift? Suggest your friends small business! I've always said that word of mouth has been my best marketing tool, because what better than to receive a recommendation from someone you know?!

Blabbing on a bit here, but once I get started my brain just keeps on ticking over haha. All I'm saying is that if you have a small biz, I feel ya and keep going! And if you're someone that supports small businesses, we see you and we love ya!

Wishing you a stunning few Summer months and we'll spend some more time together once the cooler daysreturn!

Your friendly neighbourhood candlemaker xx

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