Tealight Scent Samples - try before you commit

Tealight Scent Samples - try before you commit

When people ask about running a candle business and primarily selling from an online platform, I always say that the most difficult part is appealing to a sense that the customer can't actually use - unless somehow you've worked out how to sniff candles through a screen?

So how do we find a solution to this? A lot of people don't know if they like bergamot, or sandalwood. People assume tobacco smells like cigarette smoke until they're getting a proper smell of the candle out in the wild.

In comes, tealight scent samples. They're mini versions of the full size candles I sell I suppose. For £4.50 (+£1 UK delivery) you can have your own little set of all the Feu scents that are always available (there's 9!) so it's a perfect way to sniff out your favourite scents without having to drop 24 quid on a smell you might hate!

If there's only one or two that you want to try, you can pick them up for 50p each! Cool right?


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