New Year | Christmas | The Future

New Year | Christmas | The Future

Aye aye aye, it's a New Year, have ye heard? I hope you don't feel the abundance of pressure that comes from either 2023 recaps or the impending 2024, just do you..that's my plan anyway ✨


cute dog

(cute photo of Seymour for good measure)

With a new year comes a new approach to Feu but I supposed to life too? Being self employed you're automatically expected to be self motivating which fluctuates more than anything I've ever experienced

For the new year I'm going to have all my stock ready to go and ready to ship out..this is how I like to run things but sometimes depending on the ol' elusive cash flow it's not the easiest thing to achieve but I can thank my lovely customers (🥹) for a successful December which puts me in a position where I'm able to do this

I'm also going to be more strict (lol I'm not at all at the moment so I guess I mean start to be strict) with implementing working hours. I've found that having some time off at Christmas (I planned to but I was also ill so it was forced but I'm appreciative none the less) has been really motivating in coming back to it all..I'm excited to be making candles, I'm exciting for limited edition planning (and eventually executing) rather than it all feeling like a little bit of a chore

Timings are a little difficult as my boyfriend works odd hours and I do work from home so that is something that I'm going to try to plan but it's so difficult to be all BE PRODUCTIVE NOW FOR TWO HOURS THEN DON'T THEN DO so if anyone has any experience in this area please don't gate keep, gimmmmmmmme the insider info!

sweet orange chilli pepper cotton candle

(better include a photo of a candle, hey?)

Along with implementing working hours, I am going to make sure I spend time doing things that bring me (!) joy (!)
I looooove to bake! And I also love cake so have therefore decided to bake a full cake once a week - the first one was this week and I made a coffee cake and I can't express the pure joy of thinking 'oh I'll have a cup of tea and a slice of cake' DELICIOUS PERFECT LIFE CHOICES 🍰

homemade coffee cake

(my coffee cake!! 🍰)

I also want to learn more things, I want to start making sourdough again (I let my starter die when we moved house..woops) and focusing on delayed gratification with things like that. Sourdough takes hours, if not days but in the end? Sweet sweet satisfaction
I wanna pickle things! I want to learn to can and preserve! Maybe I want to learn to sew a little! 👀 (my mother whom is a fantastic seamstress rolls her eyes in Australia bc of 14 yo me who declared SEWING WILL SKIP A GENERATION, sorry mum)

And it's just absolute bs to say 'I don't have the time' simply not true (I think this applies to most of us). In the end it's just about what we're choosing to spend our time on, what we're choosing to prioritise, what we're choosing as important 🫶

Also phones? Can we just bin them?

So here's to a year of doing more things that we wanna do, things that bring us joy 🩷

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