Candle Making Workshops | Manchester | Private Workshops

Candle Making Workshops | Manchester | Private Workshops

Back in April, I did my very first candle making workshop, it was just with good friends so KI could test the waters and they could give advice back on what worked and didn't work (aren't friends just fab???!!)
There were a few notes..which is a good thing! The whole point in fact.

They had a great time but got a little confused when it came to feeling overwhelmed with the choice of fragrances and could I do up a sheet with all the scents listed and a place to scribble thoughts etc and because of this kind of feedback and a successful pals candle making workshop, I started doing actual real public ones!

candle making workshop

These are SO much fun - I absolutely love love love giving non-candle makers an insight into my world and watching people choose and blend scents is for sure one of my favourite parts!

candle making workshop with cocktails manchester

In my candle making shops, you get to blend two fragrances of your choosing in a custom scent and pour your own full size 30cl candle! You will also get to scent your own car air freshener (not just for cars! I would put mine in my wardrobe or sock drawer!)

make your own car air freshener

One of my besties, Emma, whom I used to work at a bar with makes cocktails to order whilst you have fun making your very own candle! We also provide lots of sweets and snacks to get your through your workshop too!

candle making with cocktails

The response to running candle workshops has truly been mental and I'm so so happy that you love them as much as I do! I'm thinking of maybe releasing a wax melt making workshop too? What do you think?!

candle making workshops blend your own scent

Have you been to a Feu candle making workshop? If you were to come to one, what scent would you make?!

private candle making workshop hire

You can also book custom dates for private bookings as well! Hen do? Birthday? Baby shower? A private candle making workshop is the perfect activity!

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