Valentine's Secret Hearts Candle - grapefruit, melon and jasmine

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Okaaaay, this little sweetheart is a multi-step labor of love but my goodness am I proud of her!

As this candle begins to melt, you'll see secret hearts appear on the surface of your candle! Be careful not to miss it, once you blow your candle out the first time, you'll have a pinkish wax left, the hearts may appear again or they may not!


Do you remember those Victoria Secrets body mists we (or someone we knew) had?! That's EXACTLY what this smells like!!! It's grapefruit, melon and jasmine - she's absolutely delicious


This limited edition 220g Valentine's Candle will come in an unbranded black box

The photo on this listing is before the candle has been topped with regular wax - when you get your candle you'll be thinking 'oh it looks like a normal regular candle' light it and you'll see the magic happen!

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Patrick Ordish
An excellent candle!

Made a great valentines day gift- smells and looks fantastic!