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Skull Wax Melts

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Our hand poured 3D skull wax melts come in a pack of TWO (of the same scent) with a burn time of over 12 hours per skull


Soy wax
Hand poured
Small Batch

Approx. 10g (per skull)


BLACK SKULL - Santalum

Santalum is a genus to which the sandalwood tree belongs which is fitting as it smells of sandalwood & black pepper which is a full, rich scent with citrus top notes but warm woods and exotic musks at the base



WHITE SKULL - Riprochet

Riprochet is an annagram for the word petrichor which is the word given to the smell of rain. Riprochet smells of amber, juniper and bergamot with precious woods, lavender and floral green notes running through




Mysa is to be engaged in an activity that is comfortable or pleasureable and that's exactly why I designed this scent - I needed a sleepy time kind of scent. Mysa is full of lavender, chamomile, vanilla, amber, musk and cedar



YELLOW SKULL - Zoantharia

Zoantharia are an order of cnidarians commonly found in the deep sea which means it's scent is a fresh and cool marine accord with aqua blossom, amber, vanilla, fresh cyclamen with sweet musks



PINK SKULL - Dorotea

Named after my darling grandmother (her name is Dorothy, or Dot) - the scent is white tea, hence the blending of the two words to introduce you to Dorotea. She smells of citrus fruits, white woods with a heavy jasmine and iris presence



*Please note that these are hand made and therefore may have small 'imperfections' if you so wish to call them that - colour is also subject to change

Customer Reviews

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Subul Lodi

I've just got round to trying these and oh my God... These is absolutely gorgeous! I even bought a new wax burner just for these. My flat smells like it's been professionally cleaned and j could not be more obsessed with the scents

Love them!!

I love these wax melts! So glad I found them, nothing else even comes close to how awesome they are!