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Scent Samples

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Want Feu SO BAD but just don't know where to start?!


Let me introduce you to our scent samples, which are the perfect solution to your little Feu problem! You get one mini half sphere wax melt hand made in a candle scent so you can have a sniff sniff and a little tester before getting yourself a full size Feu candle.


You can use them just to smell or pop them in your wax melt burner and use them as a wax melt, an ideal way to sample any Feu scent which tickles ya fancy!

Customer Reviews

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My favourite candles

I love Feu candles, have had several now and just purchased the wax melts to test the other scents and now I’m even more confused as I love them all, love everything about the candles, the look the scent the packaging and the customer service :-)

Excellent way to trial the candle scents… found new favourites already

Love this way of trialling the candle scents before choosing my next purchase. The samples arrived quickly in very cute packaging. Dusky Seville is still a firm favourite, closely followed by Lusting Dawn and Fireside Foret. Highly recommend the samples if you’re unsure where to start with Feu!